Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Terms and Conditions

  • All the awards are just depicting the inner feeling of a person who wants to express it via pictures aka Personalized Awards.
  • All the awards are fictional. Any resemblance to your thinking is just coincidental. NO OFFENSE PLEASE.
  • Unauthorized usage of these Awards without prior notice to the Administrator is offensive.
  • All the Awards are only Awarded to the most deserving and not meant for personal fun.
  • If the Administrator finds anyone using these Awards without notice, they will be googled out from the web, HTMLed (Head, Tail, Mouth and Leg Executed, and any other organ) and God Save Them, I will drag them to Exit. Seriously.
  • More terms and conditions may be added depending on the Administrator's free will.:)
If you want to use on of these Awards, please mail to with details regarding why you want to award it to the particular person, your name and the name of the person being awarded to. Suggestions also, please.

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